Friday 10 May 2013

NCAP 2013 in line with ICAO regulations - Aviation Minister

Aviation Nigeria

Aviation Minister Princess Stella Oduah has said that the nations airports will be structured to international standards.

"We shall not relent in our efforts to totally transform all airports in the country up to international standards" 

This was during an online media chat on 9 May 2013, held to discuss key issues about the newly released Nigerian Civil Aviation Policy 2013.

The discussion more referred to in online media language as a 'tweet-meet' featured key discussion on several topics of the policy including Private registration, Passenger insurance and the Aerotropolis project.

Aviation Minister Princess Stella Oduah said the formulation of the aviation policy had been ongoing for over a year adding that stakeholders were well aware and contributed to the development of the policy.

Princess Stella Oduah pointed out that steps were immediately taken to draft a new aviation policy, after a review of international practices indicated the the old policy did not completely address global trends.

While speaking about the controversial clause regarding friends and associates being barred from private jets, Oduah lamented that wrong interpretations were being made:
"The sections of the policy which people are mixing up is related to insurance for passengers on private jets."

"There is nowhere in the new policy where friends are barred from being on board their friend's private jet." Oduah said.

She stressed the need for sufficient focus on air safety and passenger insurance as well as a coordination of both: "Any insurance policy that indemnifies private jet owners in the event of an accident or mishap will be adequate." she said.

The Minister also pointed out that the new policy will also aid the tackling irregular practices in the sector.

They had been on-going media discussions about the position of the NCAP 2013 on private jet owners. Since its release during the week, several interest groups have sought to properly understand and adapt to its legal framework.


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