Thursday 6 June 2013

Dana: Aircraft remains insufficient for mechanical integrity - AIB

Aviation Nigeria

The Accident Investigation Bureau on Tuesday said that the wreckage of the crashed Dana Air aircraft did not have substantial physical evidence that would have provided detailed information as to the mechanical integrity of the airplane.

The bureau said in an interim report that severe damaging and destruction of the aircraft after it fell off the sky had made it difficult to generate sufficient report on the cause of the crash.

Head of Public Affairs of the AIB, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi said investigations into the crash had however, progressed irrespective of the severe destruction of the airplane.

He said: 

"Despite the heavy destruction of the aircraft due to impact and fire, in addition to other post crash disturbance of the wreckage, which resulted in the absence of substantial physical evidence and flight recorder data that would have provided information on the operation, performance and mechanical integrity of the airplane, the investigation has progressed significantly."

Oketunbi however maintained that investigation of Dana Air 992 has proceeded on schedule with the objective of preventing similar accidents in accordance with the Accident Investigation Protocols of the International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO).

Oketunbi said the investigative activities had included the full participation of the state of manufacture/design represented by the United States National Transportation Safety Board and technical advisors, the US Federal Aviation Administration, the Boeing Company and Pratt & Whitney Engines.

The AIB noted that the safety issues identified during the investigation included engine and related system performance, flight crew performance, validation of foreign pilot certificates, pre-employment background checks of pilots and maintenance documentation.

It stated that four interim safety recommendations had been issued and implemented by the operator and the regulatory agency.

The bureau added that outstanding investigative activities were near completion and would be followed by the production of the final report.


  1. How can the AIB make such conclusion? Does that mean other planes may still have the same problems that led to the earlier crash?

  2. In line with ICAO standards does not mean in line with what is necessary under these conditions. FIrst things first, full compensation should be paid.

  3. Most people these days just dont give a damn about the feeling of others. How can over 157 people die, and you cant ascertain the cause of such incident. Shame on you AIB.