Wednesday 16 January 2013

NCAA introduces newly promulgated regulations NCAA 2012.

Aviation Nigeria
The Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority[NCAA], Dr Harold Demuren on yesterday introduced the newly promulgated  Volume 11 of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations[NCARs]2012 as amended.
The introduction of the new Regulations which is a major landmark event in the annals' of aviation over sighting, was conducted at the Boardroom of the Authority in Lagos with all the management staff in attendance. The new NCARs Vol 11 covered the Aerodrome and Consumers Rights.
Speaking at the occasion, Dr Demuren said that the introduction of the Regulation would further boost the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act 2006 and help tostandardize the operational procedures, implementation and enforcement in the industry in conformity with Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) contained in the annexes to the Chicago Convention.
Before now, the Industry can only boast of  the NCARs  July 2009 that covers all areas of aviation practices, except the Aerodrome and Consumers Rights.
Dr Demuren who was highly elated, said that the amended regulation came at the right time to address certain conflicting issues as pertaining to civil aviationlegislation saying,' when there is no law, there is no offence'.
According to him, the new  Regulations titled: Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations 2012 [NCARs 2012 vol 11 comprising of parts 12 to 20 is promulgated to repeal and replace NCARs 2006, part 12 t0 18. In addition, he said the Regulations wouldnot only serve as a better legislative guideline, but also a tenet to be sustained in the aviation industry.
The new NCARs consist of 9 parts which are:
Part 12 – Aerodrome Regulations,
Part 14 – Air Navigation Services Regulations,
Part 15 – The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Regulations,
Part 16 – Environmental Protection Regulation,
Part 17 – Aviation Security Regulations,
Part 18 – Economic Regulations,
Part 19 – Consumer Protection Regulations and
Part 20 – Appeals, Citation, Repeals and Offences.
This is the second amendments of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations since its promulgation in November 2006. The first was amended in 2009 to bring into conformity with ICAO model Regulations and comprises of 11 parts, which has general administrative rules governing testing, licenses, certificates, exemptions,investigative and enforcement procedures.
The DG, who thanked the Almighty God and staff  for the  success of the programme declared,'' I am  fulfilled today that we are able to provide all the needed guiding tools and materials for the effective over sighting of the industry for NCAA.
The high point of the day was the DG signing of his autograph on a copy each to  all  members of staff in attendance and those not but who he considered as having contributed to its success.


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