Tuesday 30 October 2012

Passenger's alarm abort's Aero's flight.

Sky Watch Nigeria

Aero Contractors Airline on Monday 29 October 2012 averted what may have resulted in another airplane accident, when an observant passenger on board alerted the airline’s officials to a fluid leakage. The Airline still among the few flying local Nigerian routes in a swift reaction responded through its consultant Simon Tumba who attributed the delay to a minor technical fault which he pointed out had been fixed as a safety precaution.

The Aero aircraft was scheduled to leave the Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos at about 2:30 pm, when a passenger sitting at the window side close to the left wing of the craft spotted hydraulic leaking from one of the valves. The valve is described to convey gas to the ‘ailerons’ a part which connects the wings of the aircraft, to ensure its stability during take-off and landing.

The flight crew later reported to the passengers that the flight had to be delayed and the aircraft was taxied back to the hanger for minor repairs as safety precaution following reports of fuel leakage. After the passenger alerted the members of the airplane’s crew, all passengers were asked to evacuate the plane and all the passengers in the flight – AJ 171, scheduled for Margaret Ekpo International Airport Calabar, had to return to the airport’s departure lounge to await alternative arrangements by the airlines management. A passenger aboard the flight stated that all boarding formalities were completed and the aircraft door was shut and ready for take-off.

"The aircraft had actually been taxied through the run-way to the take-off point and back to the hanger and after about ten minutes, the pilot taxied it back to the hanger” a passenger on board stated.
Reports indicate that this is the second time in seven days Aero Contractors has had to disrupt its operations over what it termed ‘minor technical faults’.


  1. So wait what if that passenger was not observant? Another disaster leading to loss of lives and families in tragedy. These airlines should know set higher maintenance standards.

  2. So the aircraft had already been taxied through the runway. Hmmnnn, that is something be thankful for.

  3. Good to hear that the authorities took a decisive action and secured the lives of Nigerians, but still questions should be raised about the maintenance procedures.