Thursday 23 May 2013

NCAP: Foreign registered jets opt out of operations

Aviation Nigeria

Foreign registered private jets have began to opt of out operations in Nigeria with the recent policy by the Federal Government which limits their stay within the country to 15 days.

Aviation authorities say about 20 private jets registered abroad but flying in Nigeria may have left the country in barely one month.

Aviation sources also say the foreign-registered planes have been operating in the country under the auspices of private operators on ad-hoc basis but end up doing commercial business with charter.

A top aviation official said, "Many of the foreign-registered private jets flying illegally in Nigeria have started leaving the country. They are illegal because most of them have been carrying out illegal charter services in the country."

The National Civil Aviation Policy, 2013 was unveiled over three weeks ago with clear cut rules for private jet ownership and operations in the country.

Among other stringent rules, all foreign-registered private jets will no longer be allowed to stay in the country beyond 15 days as recommended by the NCAP.

It, however also states that foreign-registered private jets on special mission in Nigeria will be allowed to stay for 60 days.

The other option for owners of private jets with foreign registration is to de-register them and subsequently register them in Nigeria, according to some industry experts.

"I think what the government is saying is that most of these people should go and de-register their planes and put them on Nigerian registration," an industry CEO, who pleaded not to be named, told our correspondent.

Aviation sources said that about 50 private jets were currently carrying out illegal charter services in the country.


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