Monday 20 May 2013

Arik to begin Nigeria and Brazil route in August

Aviation Nigeria

Arik Air, is seeking traffic rights and slot allocation from the Brazilian authorities to commence flights into the São Paulo airport, Arik said in a statement.

The statement quoted the Deputy Managing Director of Arik Air, Captain Ado Sanusi to have said the request for traffic rights and slot allocation into the São Paulo Airport is a follow up to the meeting between President Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his Brazillian counterpart for the restoration of air link between the two countries to boost trade relations and cultural ties.

Captain Sanusi said the restoration of direct air link between the two countries as regional leaders in Africa and South America will boost economic relationship, which will be accelerated with direct flights into major cities including Lagos and São Paulo.

Sanusi explained that Arik Air is working round the clock to ensure that within three months all arrangements are concluded for the commencement of flight into Brazil even as the airline will take delivery of more wide body aircraft to boost its long haul and international destinations.

The Arik Air deputy managing director said the carrier considers Brazil an important route for its operations, because it would eliminate the difficulties passengers go through in connecting flights into South America, from either Europe or the Middle East.

He explained that apart from saving passengers travel time, the restoration of direct air link between Nigeria and Brazil will create a robust window for investment opportunities between the two countries for players in the private sector who are seeking closer ties between Africa and South America.

Arik has maintained a readiness to cooperate with the Brazilian authorities in getting approval for the commencement of flight before the commencement of the Nigerian/Brazilian Bi-Commission conference scheduled for August 2013.


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