Thursday 21 February 2013

Princess Stella Oduah Awarded For Excellence by Champion Newspaper

Aviation Nigeria

The Champion man of the year award has not been given based on any political, ethnic or other base considerations or with intent to boost the ego of the award recipient, but with the highest sense of responsibility, the Chairman of Champion Newspapers Limited Dr. Emmanuel Nwanyanwu disclosed Tuesday at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja.

The Chairman, Dr. Nwanyanwu  said For the first time in the history of the Champion Newspaper Man of the year awards, a woman is recognized  and this time Nigeria’s Aviation  Minister Princess Stella Oduah for her outstanding performance at the Ministry since assumption of office.
The Chairman said the verdict by the Newspaper Board of Senior Editors to award the Aviation Minister is based on her courageous performance to in transforming the Aviation Industry within an 18 month period.

In his remarks, at the conferment of the award, the Champion News paper boss said the recipient, Princess Stella Oduah has set a high standard that should become the benchmark for other public officers in Nigeria.

The Aviation Minister, in her acceptance speech questioned why she should be awarded for doing what she had been called to do.

She said “To be sure, I have always been hesitant to accept awards not only from the media, but also from numerous other groups and bodies within and outside the shores of this country. The reason for this is simple. I hold the strong belief that I do not need to be given any award or honour simply for doing my job. I think as Aviation Minister, everything I am doing, and everything I am going to do going forward, is within the normal brief of an Aviation Minister. So I don’t feel I am doing anything extra-ordinary. This principally accounts for why, up till this moment, I have turned down several Awards, with all due respect to the groups and organizations that had considered me in the past.”

The Minister however said, she consider herself highly privileged to be considered and eventually selected for the prestigious Man of the Year 2012 Award by the Champion Newspapers, a newspaper that has a tradition of dedication to excellence, professionalism and the pursuit of the ideals of nationhood.

The Award she said, “is significant in one profound respect – it challenges me and my team at the Ministry not to rest on our oars, but to continue to do all we can to expand the frontiers of transformation in the aviation industry beyond what we are seeing today.”

Speaking earlier, the Anambra State Governor Mr. Peter Obi challenged the Minister to do more and ignore the praise singers. Governor Obi said everyday the role of leadership in Nigeria is challenging because everyday, leaders are encouraged to do the wrong things as most Nigerians choose the act of sycophancy in praising the leader rather than telling them the true situation of thing that are wrong with the system.

Professor Oyewusi Ibidapo was the Guest Speaker at the event, and called on Nigerian leaders to set the pace in Leadership for the younger generation


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