Thursday 10 January 2013

Passenger traffic up 5% in Nov-2012, cargo traffic up 2%: IATA

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IATA reports (09-Jan-2013) the following traffic growth in Nov-2012:

Passenger traffic (RPKs): +4.6% year-on-year;

International passenger traffic (RPKs): +5.6%;
Africa: +5.0%;
Asia Pacific: +6.2%;
Europe: +4.0%;
Latin America: +11.0%;
Middle East: +10.5%;
North America: +2.6%;

Domestic passenger traffic (RPKs): +3.0%;
Australia: +8.7%;
Brazil: +10.2%;
China: +7.7%;
India: -6.5%;
Japan: +4.4%;
US: +1.1%;

Passenger load factor: 77.3%;

International passenger load factor: 76.3%;
Africa: 64.7%;
Asia Pacific: 75.7%;
Europe: 77.8%;
Latin America: 76.3%;
Middle East: 73.5%;
North America: 79.6%;

Domestic passenger load factor: 79.1%;
Australia: 80.6%;
Brazil: 73.9%;
China: 79.1%;
India: 77.3%;
Japan: 67.3%;
US: 82.1%;

Cargo traffic (FTKs): +1.6%;

International cargo traffic (FTKs): +1.4%;
Africa: +2.2%;
Asia Pacific: -2.2%;
Europe: stable;
Latin America: +4.0%;
Middle East: +16.1%;
North America: +2.0%;
Domestic cargo traffic (FTKs): +2.7%. [more – original PR]

IATA: “Business confidence improved again in November, reaching levels which indicate stability in the business environment in the months ahead. This could provide support to air freight demand in the coming months, beyond the current boost associated mostly with the holiday season. However, global economic growth remains weak and that will likely keep the demand environment for air transport fragile in the months to come. On the positive side, airlines are keeping load factors high by limiting capacity growth, which should help financial performance.” Source: Company statement, 09-Jan-2013.


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