Wednesday 2 January 2013

Med-View starts Abuja-Yola and Lagos-Owerri

Aviation Nigeria

Med-View Airline has uploaded schedules for its new daily Abuja-Yola and Lagos-Owerri service:

LOS-QOW VL2110 07:30-08:45
QOW-LOS VL2111 09:30-10:45
ABV-YOL VL2102 10:30-11:40 (Weekdays)
ABV-YOL VL2102 11:00-12:10 (Saturday)
ABV-YOL VL2104 13:55-15:05 (Sunday)
YOL-ABV VL2103 12:30-13:40 (Weekdays)
YOL-ABV VL2103 13:00-14:10 (Saturday)
YOL-ABV VL2105 15:45-16:55 (Sunday)

The flights to Yola originate from Lagos, meaning that passengers can travel from Lagos to Yola with a stopover in Abuja


  1. These guys are sure coming up. Nice work Medview.