Tuesday 4 December 2012

Lagos ACC as effective radio coverage sector - NAMA

Sky Watch Nigeria.

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency(NAMA) has taken another bold step in improving air traffic services within the nation's airspace as the Lagos Area Control Center is being sectorized  to de-congest  the existing radio frequency.

According to the management, the current radio frequency -127.3 MHz  for the Lagos Area Control Center, is now congested following  heavy traffic within the Southern airspace, adding that the best solution now is to create additional frequency to allow for effective radio communication between pilots and air traffic on controllers.

Consequently, the management has therefore raised another frequency on 120.9MHz to decongest the current one and as part of the Operational Readiness Review  (ORR) which includes new procedures being drawn, gap analysis, and safety audit while the engineers and air traffic  controllers are presently  testing the new frequency .

According to the management, the new radio frequency will be deployed for operation by Monday 17,December,2012 when the integrity of the system is ascertained .

Globally, from time to time air traffic system management are redefined  to accommodate new additional equipment  and that is what the agency has been doing of recent  to allow for service delivery.

Attesting to the latest development, the General Manager, Public Affairs of NAMA, Mr Supo Atobatele affirmed that, :''Once again ,the agency would like to confirm the integrity of all our navigation equipment across the nation's airports and this management would not succumb to blackmails by any group within the system''.

He added that,:''NAMA,with the strong support of the Federal government through its various capital projects,remains a leading Air Navigation Service Provider in the Continent and the management under the leadership of Engineer Mazi Nnamdi Udoh has vowed to remain focused in taking the agency to a global reckoning''


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