Thursday 8 November 2012

Dana Air Pilot Estate Sued.

Sky Watch Nigeria

The estate of the American Dana Air pilot, Peter Waxtan, who crashed a plane last June in Nigeria, claiming his life and killing all passengers and crew aboard, is being sued in Florida federal court by the victims’ families.

Relatives of a Connecticut family of six are the plaintiffs in one of the suits.  Onyeka Collins Anyene; his wife, Maimuna; and their four minor children were killed allegedly because of Waxtan’s negligence.

The suit says the pilot:

1. Failed to promptly respond to engine trouble.
2. Failed to land at other available airports once engine problems were discovered.
3. Did not properly manage the aircraft’s fuel.
4. Failed to both declare an emergency and follow proper emergency procedures when the engines lost power.

A second suit making similar wrongful-death and negligence claims was filed by the relatives of two Texas sisters and by 18 other people, including several Nigerian nationals.  The estate of Maimuna Anyene is also listed as a plaintiff.

By the way, the final report on the causes of the crash is yet to be released.


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